Cardboard luxury packaging

For years, Carir Cartonnage is specialised in manufacturing cardboard luxury packaging, custom made and tailored to the wishes of the customer.

Carir Cartonnage is a highly specialised company that processes cardboard from 600 gr/m² (= 1 mm thickness) to approximately 1845 gr/m² (=  3 mm thickness). We are not specialised in corrugated or folding cardboard.

Our production begins where cardboard can no longer be printed directly, but first must be covered with printed or unprinted paper.

In the section Finishing Options’, you can find more information about printed matter, finishing, kinds of paper and accessories.


Carir Cartonnage is a very flexible company. We are both specialised in small as well as in large runs. We can produce any desired run: from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand pieces, depending on the type of box. To us, every customer is important, the big customer as well as the small one. We guide you through the design of the right box which suits your product best. Various models are custom made and a full prototype is developed, if the customer wishes so.


Carir Cartonnage stands for service tailored to the customer. You will be guided in a personal way; together with you, we look for the most suitable product. A perfect execution of your order is always our goal. Through our own transport services, we can arrange a reasonably priced and reliable delivery.


Carir Cartonnage has a passion for quality. The experience, the talent and the commitment of all our employees is the strength of this company. EACH one of them is an indispensable part of the production process and EACH one of them contributes to the satisfaction of our customers.