Show-cards are used as publicity for many brands. The show-cards catch the eye and highlight the product.

We make a distinction between show-cards with folded edge, show-cards cut around the shape, cut show-cards and double show-cards.

  • Folded edge : this option is chosen if the cardboard edges may not be visible, as in this case the paper covers the cardboard edge. It has a higher level of finishing and a nicer end result.

  • Cut around the shape: these show-cards have a rectangular shape. The edge of the cardboard is visible in this finishing.

  • Cut show-cards: these are show-cards with a special shape. These can be either in traditional shapes, such as a heart shape , a circle shape or a star shape, In addition, it can be made in unique shapes, such as Easter bells, Christmas trees, animals, etc. 

  • Double show cards: the cardboard is cut, folded and glued around a piece of  micro-cardboard with stretchable support and strap. A piece of micro-cardboard might be inserted as reinforcement.